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Located in the beautiful Baleal, 3.5 KM from Peniche. Classes need to be pre-booked, warm clothes are recommended. We provide mats, blocks and belts - you are welcome to bring your own mat if you wish. It is recommended not to eat 1-2 hours before a yoga class. Classes are approximately 90 mins.



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Yoga classes & Massage


The classic yoga - all other styles of yoga are based on this practice. A slower class based on a combination of about 15-20 standing and seated postures. Holding each posture for 10 - 15 breaths.


Surf Yoga

A medium paced hatha practice that selects postures focussing on lower back, spine, shoulders and neck. This can be combined with other disciplines.


Detox Yoga

A hatha practice blending asana, kriya's and pranayama. Focussed on the digestive and lymphatic system using gentle twists and inversions to activate these systems. Kriya's are yogic cleanses.

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Studio hire and private classes available - please contact us

The original yoga center of Baleal since 2012


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